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Digital Transformation

The world is becoming digital. Where are you on this journey ? 

All businesses are becoming digital and this trend has been accelerated by the changes required due to COVID-19.

Clarity Tech have helped numerous clients on the path to digital transformation, delivering improved user experiences, greater efficiency and cost savings.

We have in-depth domain expertise of the sectors we operate in and ensure that we provide the right tools and expertise, to leverage technology and deliver the required results for your specific business.

We have the required operating models and best practice processes, to control all aspects of delivery to and to ensure that we deliver your required results.

We work closely with your team to ensure that you are fully supported throughout the journey and are left with the expertise to continue on your own or with our support, through our post implementation service offering.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Work smarter and faster with automated decision-making

Use advanced technology to mine your business data for hidden insights and not just rely on pre-defined reports. Get recommendations for actions to take based on valuable information.

Let AI/ML enable faster and more accurate decisions, which are tailored to your requirements.

Analyzing data using advance AI/ML techniques reveals hidden insights which go far beyond pre-defined reports.

The data will provide information about opportunities or potential issues which need to be resolved. Clarity Tech AI then goes one step further and recommends the highest priority actions to take, to get the best outcome for your business.

All industries can benefit from the correct application of Clarity Tech AI – as there will always be valuable information hidden within available data.

This technology is equally applicable to advising on the best promotions for retailers, using resources most efficiently in the health sector, how best to perform maintenance for manufactures and how to tailor marketing campaigns to get the best response.

Let Clarity Tech AI help you manage your business decisions in a more efficient, quicker way than is humanly possible. Machine Learning determines the best course of action and provides you with the strategies to take action, ensuring a timely and effective response to your business concerns.

Business Intelligence

Analyze, understand and gain insights from your data

At Clarity Tech we integrate and tailor leading BI and Analytics applications, to create bespoke solutions that will meet your exact business and user needs.

Our experienced consultants will work to identify inefficiencies within your existing business processes and engineer Cloud and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to improve organisational performance. We are committed to helping your organisation realise its full potential.

Strategically implement process automation, for a lasting competitive advantage. Our experienced consultants and developers will work with you, to optimise your existing business processes. Expect significant improvements in responsiveness and competitiveness, in an increasingly digital landscape.

We tailor industry leading business intelligence and analytical software, such as Power BI and Qlik View, to deliver solutions that align exactly with your requirements.

Data Management

One of your most valuable assets is your data. Is yours working hard enough for you ?

Business growth calls for scalable data, which is available wherever and whenever it’s required. With a proven track record in delivering fully integrated, end-to end data platform solutions, for a wide range of organisations, we have the expertise required to fulfil all your data warehousing requirements.

Clarity Tech can deploy a core data management platform which is independent of any industry sector. The data engine processes data of different volumes, velocities, veracities, varieties, and values. It can manage structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, covering the needs to drive advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Furthermore, Clarity Tech integrates and tailors leading Microsoft storage and sharing applications, to create bespoke solutions which ensure your project teams and employees are equipped to effectively plan, store, share and communicate.

This includes industry leading platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Electronic Document Management

Ensure your documents and records are secure, easy to access and well-structured

Clarity Tech provide leading edge document and record management solutions, incorporating deep expertise of your specific business coupled with industry leading technology.

An EDRMS is a safe, secure and governed electronic document and records management system, which applies business classification, disposal, metadata management and security, to enable the capture and management of information and records. Clarity Tech will work with you to tailor your EDRMS setup and solution, to ensure that it meets your exact requirements.

In addition, we can help you to use SharePoint integrated with your existing EDRMS, to provide you with enhanced portal and collaboration tools, while still using a compliant EDRMS to manage physical and digital records.

Service Management

Our expert teams ensure your systems are fully supported and continue to deliver your business benefits

Clarity Tech provide bespoke IT and cloud solutions, which are built with reliability and stability in mind. However, if issues do arise, our flexible support and maintenance packages ensure that your IT infrastructure and services are running as smoothly as they should and continue to deliver benefits for your business.

We are always able to fully support any applications we provide, as well as ensuring some or all support tasks can be handed over to your in-house teams.

If you have any existing applications and infrastructure, we are able to quickly become experts in these and take over support arrangements from your in-house teams or other service vendors, to provide a responsive, cost effective and reliable service.

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