Mortality Review

Our Mortality Review Product provides a scalable, user friendly, web-based interface

Our Mortality Review Product provides a scalable, user friendly, web-based interface. This displays case note reviews of all deaths so that preventable deaths can be identified and actions taken to ensure that patients receive safe and effective care.

The product makes use of an advanced data warehouse, ensuring full audit controls, data quality, security, notifications, review approval and reporting functionality.

This essential information can be configured to work with any hospital information system, enabling consultants to enter and update information pertaining to diagnoses and co-morbidities.

Key Features:

  • Review of all deaths, with the option of conducting a further comprehensive case review and approval process.
  • Links to the Trust’s information system, enabling consultants to have basic demographic information when reviewing mortality cases.
  • Links to clinical coding information, so consultants can capture the correct diagnoses and co-morbidities.
  • Comprehensive search options and reporting, enabling improvement actions to be taken from the mortality review data.
  • Includes automatic email notifications to inform consultants of outstanding mortality reviews.
  • Automatically generates messages to key individuals such as the Medical Director, if a review highlights a gap in care or where additional, specialised advice is required.
  • Comprehensive standard functionality, with the option to customise features for specific Trust requirements.

The application runs on secure cloud infrastructure and is interfaced through a web browser, so does not require local installation. It can be configured to work with single sign on so consultants can use their existing credentials.

Patient Information System

NHS Trusts can create and maintain their own patient information documents

Our patient information system provides a comprehensive electronic document review and management system (EDRMS), which enables NHS Trusts to create and maintain their own patient information documents.

The system includes a comprehensive review workflow, which enables documents to be reviewed and approved by the relevant department or business unit before they are published.

Key Features:

  • Document review and approval workflows fully configured to the Trust’s requirements.
  • Document authors and reviewers will receive email notifications when their documents are due for action, at one, two and three month intervals.
  • Document expiry and automatic alerts, with an auto archive facility for expired documents.
  • Comprehensive user security, permissions and roles.
  • Advanced searching, filtering and reporting features.
  • User Guides built into the application.
  • Fully configurable to match the Trust’s organisational structure.
  • Runs as an extension of the Trust’s intranet, with access requiring existing user credentials.

Built on Microsoft Sharepoint a secure, scalable, cloud based market leading document management application.

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