Case Studies

Youth Justice Board

Electronic document management system streamlines processes

The Youth Justice Board, for England and Wales is a non-departmental public body created by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to oversee the youth justice system for England and Wales.

They needed an Electronic Document and Record Management to streamline their documentation processes.

Clarity Tech carried out a review of the requirements working closed with the Youth Justice Board Champions Team and other departments including Delivery, Intelligence, ICT, Business Support, Security and Finance.

Following the review Clarity Tech implemented a Cloud based Office 365 / Sharepoint. The scope of the project included implementing the Sharepoint Solution and customisation, cloud hosting and post implementation support. The project also included the development of Power BI reporting dashboards.

Following implementation of the solution the Youth Justice Board (YJB) experienced:

  • Document digitising and operational process improvements resulting in an overall performance gain of 85%.
  • 80% improvement in Data Quality.
  • Automation of 90% in document management processes.

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Digital Transformation replaces a range of legacy systems for a 5000 member NHS trust

Burton Hospitals Trust is the principal provider of acute hospital services for the residents of Burton upon Trent and surrounding areas, including: South Staffordshire, South Derbyshire and North West Leicestershire.

Burton Hospitals required a range of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Warehouse development and support services. This included support of a major upgrade to their Patient Administration System (Meditech) and managing the implementation and post live support of a major operational reporting workstream.

Clarity Tech ran a series of on-site workshops with key stakeholders at the Trust including senior management as well as department heads and technical teams.

A project to deliver a suite of mission critical operational reports for the business as usual team was initiated.

Further solutions were delivered including:

  • A Sharepoint product suite for comprehensive document management.
  • BI, Analytics and Data Warehousing.
  • A Mortality Review Product.

These solutions and the associated business change delivered the following benefit to Burton Hospitals:

  • Performance improvement of 90%
  • Data quality improvement of 90%
  • An 80% improvement in System Integration.
  • Significant improvements in Cost Efficiency and Productivity.
  • Continuity of critical operational processes.
” Their experience, leadership, professionalism, and expertise Clarity Tech provided to this project was second to none. Clarity consultants always recommended innovative and practical solutions, and assisted with the implementation on schedule and within budget. The team was easy to work with, worked late and long hours when necessary, and earned the respect of both IT staff and business stakeholders across the Trust. We wouldn’t have done it without them…”
Manni Imiavan CIO

Queens Hospital Burton Upon Trent NHS FT

Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP)

Advanced Reporting Solution for a major health service partnership

Imperial College Health Partners is a partnership organisation bringing together NHS providers of healthcare services, clinical commissioning groups and leading universities across North West London.

Clarity Tech were engaged to provide Business Intelligence Consultancy to meet very tight delivery deadlines.

The mission critical application reads input data and runs the required algorithm to generate an output file with the Risk scores for eachpatient. It identifies patients at various risk thresholds and checks to see if it correctly identifies patients that are high risk of having cancer.

Initial discovery was completed in a day long workshop with key stakeholders including Lead Health Economists, Lead Analyst, Developers and an Information Analyst.

Clarity Tech provided a proposal to include data architecture re-modelling, process re-design, and the implementation of a single, unified data driven web-based QCancer .NET programme automation solution.

Once this was approved the project proceeded to implement the following:

  • Extracting patient level data in a desired format from the existing data warehouse.
  • Completion and automation of the data mapping and validation by applying various business rules.
  • User manuals and full technical documentation for all required personnel.

Following completion of the project Imperial College Health Partners achieved a 90% improvement in patient cancer risk scores calculation automation process.

“ We managed to run the QCancer .NET program for the North West London’s population of about 2.3 millions records. The program performance was good and it executed successfully, this is great…”
Imperial College Health Partners

Lead Developer and Analyst

Brent Clinical Commissioning Group

Driving improved efficiency for a leading GP member practice organisation

Brent CCG is a GP member practice organisation. They needed a business intelligence solution to drive operational improvement and automation of the provision of NHS KPI datasets for healthcare service commissioners and providers.

Clarity Tech engaged specialists with a deep understanding of NHS data and processes and medical process optimisations. The team worked with key stakeholders ranging from senior management to technical delivery teams to define and prioritise business requirements and confirm project scope.

The solution was delivered as a robust and cost-effective web interface and to automate and upgrade existing processes.

Following the implementation of this solution Brent CCG received the following benefits:

  • A performance gain of 80% through improved data integration and operational processes.
  • A 90% improvement in Data Quality.
  • The Automation of 95% of existing operational processes.
  • Significant improvements in cost efficiency and productivity.
“Clarity Tech has the professionalism and commitment to deliver business critical services. It has not only improved the performance of the process of loading and populating data, but used innovative ideas to update KPI data when changes are required. They improved business processes by improving SSIS packages and helped to improve data quality. They completed work within agreed time scales and budget.”
Edmund Nkrumah

Head of Performance and Informatics Brent Clinical Commissioning Group

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Advanced KPI Reporting delivers massive quality improvements

Royal Surrey County Hospital needed a major upgrade to their existing patient information/KPI system.

Clarity Tech ran an 8-week mobilisation and discovery exercise working directly with senior stakeholders at the NHS Trust including Finance and IT Directors, Head of Performance, Head of Information, Head of Nursing and the CEO.

Following this a detailed plan was created to manage all aspects of the upgrade process.

Once this was approved Clarity Tech proceeded with the upgrade completing tasks including:

  • Cleansing, archiving and migration of data from existing systems to the new data warehouse and reporting system using industry leading technology.
  • Completion of Hierarchy dimension data modelling.
  • Automated and manual data mapping of cleansed data to the new Data driven Qlikview Reporting System.
  • The integration of technologies such as HRG Grouper Automation and Ward Move to improve data quality and process efficiency.
  • The production of KPI dashboard user manuals and full training for all required personnel on system use.

Following completion of the project Royal Surrey reported an 85% Data Quality improvement, with 95% of reporting tasks being automated. This resulted in overall performance improvements of 80% and an average reduction in reporting workload of 75%.

The Head of Information confirmed that the project completed on time and within budget, and said “Clarity Tech is a very professional set-up with extremely quick execution. Their value is in their service offering. Now that they provide not only the Business Intelligence but also the technical support and the consultancy around the technology, this has made a huge difference to us.”
Head of Information

Royal Surrey

Youth Justice Board Ministry of Justice

Providing comprehensive Business Intelligence and Case Reporting Services

These included data analysis, along with the design and delivery of a bespoke Data Warehousing solution, which was to be integrated with Pentaho Business Analytics. Furthermore, the board required the development of a Case Reporting Tool, for the Ministry of Justice.

Clarity Tech worked closely with key stakeholders including Senior Management, Analysts and Developers to understand the business requirements and plan the development of a Case Reporting Tool for the Ministry of Justice.

This provided the Youth Justice Board and Youth Offending Teams a web based Business Intelligence reporting tool, to improve analytics and organisational performance.

Following the delivery of the Case Reporting Tool, the Ministry of Justice experienced the following improvements:

  • An overall performance improvement of 85%.
  • A 95% improvement in Data Quality.
  • Significant improvements in Cost Efficiency and Productivity.
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